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Mount Erin ZL1/HB-116

It turns out we had a bit of spare time after installing the APRS digi and reactivating ZL1/HB-130 Threeve. So with Dave ZL2DW on board (who has access to commercial sites) we thought we would give Mt Erin a quick activation. This one is a drive up but requires permission from an authorised technician. As you can see from the photos it was a warm one out so sunshade was essential.

This is the site of FM broadcast and Television for Hawkes Bay so expect a bit of site noise. Luckily for us it wasn’t too bad – especially now the analogue TV transmitters have been switched off. Even so with conditions low contacts were hard going. A VHF contact to Ray ZL2RB then 7 MHz added John,Jackie and Phil. I switched up to 14 MHz but only managed one further contact to VK4TJ. Attempts to contact Gerard who was also on a summit on 14, 18 and 21 MHz were unsuccessful.

After attempts for further contacts seemingly futile and my time running out it was a quick packup and back down we went.



Summit – ZL1/HB-116 – Mount Erin

Height –490 m (some older maps show 489 m)

Access – From 993 Middle Rd, follow the 4wd track to the summit

Nominal time to summit – About 30 – 45 minutes from Hastings

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – Patchy – ok if you stand in the right place.

Repeater coverage – 670 and 725 are easily accessible from the summit.

Summit Marker – Trig + radio tower.

Land Access Permission – Required from Kordia approved contractor or farmer.