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Rimutaka ZL1/WL-054

While on a course in Wellington I had the chance to catch this summit just North of Upper Hutt. Rimutaka summit looks over the high point of the Rimutaka road and is a short sharp walk up to the trig. However the day I chose was very windy – so the shack was a little down from the true summit in some natural shelter. With not a lot to hold the aerial up it was stretched out across the top of the bushes.

Radio wise I only managed 6 contacts – 2 on 3.5, 2 on 5 and 2 on 7 MHz. After that the wind and impending darkness got the better of me and I packed up to head down. This was a complete for me which is always an added bonus, as well as being unique number 99. Only a quick activation due to the weather but on any other day this is a great summit to put in the log.



Summit – ZL1/WL-054 Rimutaka

Height –725 m (Climb 180 m)

Access – SH2 on the wellington side of the high point of the road, southern side – is a carpark. Track starts from there.

Coverage – Cell coverage good, 730 VHF repeater good.

Summit Marker – – Trig

Land Access Permission – – Not required