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Kicking off our ZL-SOTA Adventures


The summit of Hakarimata



Of course this was a challenge and what better way to start off our ZL-SOTA adventures than with this brave walk, although it certainly is a well used summit track situated out the back of Ngaruawahia, in the Waikato.  Now neither of us are marathon runners or gym  bunnies, however we managed to make it to the summit,  with a little inspirational motivation along the way. As you near the top you find little plaques posted to the walk way trail, like the one in the blog header photo.    Well the hike certainly challenged us.  For anyone attempting the hike to the summit – take plenty of water and take your time.

As we slowly made out way to the top we certainly saw many people out and about using the track  both young and old and of varying levels of fitness.   Many of course made comment to the mission that Warren himself embarked on by lugging his Pelcan Case with radio equipment to the top of the Summit, a decision that has since seen him rethink this arrangement for future SOTA adventures.  Carrying the case all 1349 steps to the top of the summit however was something he can be proud of as we made it to the top in just under 2 hours, before setting up and activating the first of what was to be three summits this day around the area.

Soon after going live on the air from the summit on the 40 metre band  Warren made contact and sealed the deal as the first ZL1 person to activate the summit.   Funnily enough due to the timing of UTC midnight,   Warren managed to activate the summit twice on consecutive UK days.   Of course, Warren being Warren had a great laugh when he realised this the next day.  Huge thanks to those who were listening in and made contact, some of you even managed to claim your own SOTA chaser points, so it was great to see the Ham Radio Community coming together on the air supporting one another on the day.   Of course it was also lovely to see supporters on the ZL-SOTA facebook group watching our progress and trying to join Warren on the air.



Special thanks to those who were watching aprs and were able to tell others where when we had left the summit and were on the move again to the next destination


Need to know facts.

Summit height – 374m

Access via Brownlee Avenue, Ngaruawahia.

Nominal time to summit 1.5 hrs

Summit marker – Lookout platform

Land access permission requirements – Nil.