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Activating Summit- Zl1/wk-147 – Klondyke

So onward to our second summit activation for the day we went (12.12.2015).   Thankfully after the walk we not so earlier in the day had incurred, this one was much easier to reach.   Klondyke, is well known to the Ham Radio community and sports an impressive repeater site hosting a major hub for the national system and the 6625 Auckland VHF repeater

This is a summit that you are able to drive to and from the locked gates its a short walk up a very slight hill / track to the summit.   (The track to the bottom where you park and walk up can be seen in the photo on the blog cover with the tower and Warren looking up at it)



There is plenty of space at the top to spread out and enjoy the view while activating your summit and im sure the local sheep wondered what on earth we were up to as they roamed around the area.   If you plan to involve the family it could be a great spot for a picnic with some pretty impressive views.    The kids weren’t with us for this weekends activities, however i have heard a whisper that Warren is keen to tick off another summit close to home sometime after work one day this week and Myah who is 8, but has put her name alongside some long distance achievements this year is keen to join him.  She will be out there with the camera for me when that goes ahead, so watch this space.  


As usual Warren was set up quick smart and it wasn’t long before he was on the air again operating on 40 m, 15 m and 2 m  along with making 10 contacts for his activation log, and claiming his is sought after victory as first ZL1 activator for Klondyke.  Again acknowledgement to those who were on the air to make contact with Warren and claim their chaser points.


Need to know facts for Klondyke

Summit height – 403 m

Klondyke Rd, Port Waikato. Locked gate on north side of road with 2 electrical boxes on a pole.

Nominal time to summit: 10 minutes – easy walk.

Summit marker – Trig station

Land access permission requirements – Required – via Auckland VHF Group repeater trustee

Klondyke set up