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Oh okay, just one more…..ZL1/Wk-179 – Pukemore


So just when you think that we were done for the day Warren wonders what else he can find in the area and with a bit of help from google maps we ticked off one last summit activation on the ZL1-SOTA list for the day 12.12.2015.    After our previous summit activation on Klondyke we had gone exploring the little sea side community of Port Waikato and made a stop for dinner.  Soon after, what started out as just a curious look to see where the summit was and how it could be accessed, lead to a drive across a farm land track, and a small climb up a rather steep peek, just as the sun was descending in the sky.  The fading light when we arrived didn’t help photographic conditions, though there was some pretty impressive views…..and noises.  


Huntly speedway was in full force and all lit up which made for quite the impressive site as the sun started to disappear into the clouds and go down for the evening.    Once arriving at the bottom of the summit peak, there was a rather interesting and somewhat step short climb up a grass slop to the summit point to activate and go live on the air.   Warren disappeared before i could blink and it took me a while to realise he was already up the top preparing his ropes and radio equipment, leaving me to ponder how he had managed to get himself up that very step grassy peak (see cover pic for this blog) .  Lets just say that he had far more speed and success at that than i did, but with a bit of help and team work i made it there in the end.  


Warren worked 16 contacts from this summit, all on 40meter band, although im pretty sure we would have been up there much longer if it wasnt for the fading light.    So summit number three wrapped up the end of an eventful day for us.     As usual special thanks must go to those in the ZL-SOTA facebook group watching and assisting others on where we were, those who made contact and congratulations to those who earned their chaser points from Pukemore Summit. 

summit 3...11


Need to know facts

Summit height – 282 m

Access: Rutherford Road – driveway on right of Pizzini Rd

Nominal time to summit: 10 minutes 4wd, 2 minutes – steep walk.

Summit marker – Trig station

Land access permission requirements – Required – see farmer at house on access track. Avoid milking times. Leave gates as you find them.