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Springbrook Summit – the easiest 8 pointer around.

After fare-welling sunny Norfolk Island it was back to the tropical heat of Brisbane again and on up to Springbrook.    Just quietly Warren hadn’t done his research to what was in the area other than the summit and accommodation for our two nights there and so we had to make a trip back to civilization to get dinner.  On that note, if you are wanting to make a trip to Springbrook to activate the summit and you are not local to the area, do your research, take supplies into the National park with you or stay in civlization and drive in when you are ready to do the activation.   Luckily the drive from Brisbane airport to Springbrook wasn’t major and neither was our drive back from our Springbrook accommodation at Dancing Waters Cottage to Surfers Paradise where we found dinner for the night.   Luckily our accommodation was over the top of a cafe so by morning we were all good for food.

Springbrook summit is a very easy drive through the National Park right to the summits doorstep in the car-park at the beginning of the walk way to the a nearby look out spot which is frequented by many, including tourist buses, these photo’s will show you why – the view was worth seeing that is for sure.

Right, down the point of the blog, cause while its good to have some background for the non local’s no one is really here to here about our honeymoon adventures on a radio blog, right?!?

The summit car park is the activation zone (top car park at the entry to the walk way to the look out) and there is obviously no view from there so as you can see its well worth wandering along the 350meter track to see the views.  Freedom campers had left their marks in a few spots which although not the greatest, certainly did not affect the SOTA activation of the summit.


While 7 MHz was a let down I stumbled across a couple of VHF contesters on 146.500. I could only work one however, VK4OE. While he was on a summit he wasn’t a true /P station so I couldnt claim the S2S. The contact never the less was gratefully received. On 14 MHz I had a blast working many VKs and ZLs. A jump to 21 MHz for a few more contacts. Lastly I knew Andrew ZL3CC was close to summiting so we waited for him to come QRV and worked Andrew from Mt Herbert for the S2S. That ended our activation so time to pack up and go sight seeing. Around Springbrook there are plenty of beautiful vantage points, waterfalls and a natural bridge to see.




Summit – VK4/SE-011 Springbrook Mountain

Height –1010 m

Access – From highway 99 – follow the signs to “The best of all lookout” at the end of repeater station road.

Nominal time to summit – About a 90 minute drive from Brisbane.

Mobile and internet coverage from the summit – good coverage.

Repeater coverage – 670 (with 123.0 CTCSS).

Summit Marker – Top carpark, Airways repeater tower..

Land Access Permission – Not required.