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For our second “double double” summit, we decided to try access to Opotiki. A fellow local ham put me in touch with the land owner and he granted us permission to walk accross his land to the summit. The road is quite windy – but the walk only took about 15 minutes from the road edge. The only indication that there was a trig is the top cross part being nailed to the fence post.

Another 4 summit to summits in the log from the other activators out and another 5 contacts put 9 in the log. A good day playing radio. This summit was quite relaxing and you could spend hours here on a nice day just soaking in the views and playing radio. Dont forget the sunscreen.




Summit – ZL1/MW-142 – Opotiki

Height – 569 mASL

Access – From Opotiki Rd – after entrance with skis (about 1km further) look for gate on right . Walk up across paddock to summit from there.

Coverage – Cell + 715

Summit Marker – Trig top nailed to fence post (or use GPS)

Land Access Permission – Required


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