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This summit is one that I have access to through work – so one Saturday we decided to do a site inspection – with the portable radio gear of course. Pukepoto is a drive up – if you have permission and a key as one of the gates nearer the top is locked. It does suffer a bit of QRM from the microwave / pager site nearby but contacts were forthcoming all the same. We were also treated with some good weather and views.

This SOTA expedition began with Geoff ZL3GA and Mark ZL3AB doing what they call a double double – both activating a summit before lunch, meeting for lunch (in Akaroa) then swapping summits. Well we couldnt let these ZL3’s steal all the SOTA fun so I found 2 summits (this was my morning summit) and Wynne ZL2ATH and John ZL1BYZ also settled onto a summit for the day. This meant there was 4 Summit 2 summit contacts up for grabs. I managed to get them all as well as an additional 4 contacts to make 8 contacts from this summit. This was also a complete for me after having worked Trevor ZL1UTH in it’s inaugural activation.




Summit – Pukepoto ZL1/MW-141

Height – 569

Access – Ohura Rd – Woolshed entrance

Coverage – Cell and 715 coverage

Summit Marker – Trig

Land Access Permission – – Required – private land


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